Combo: Uffizi and Academy


  • Academy
  • Uffizi

Our tour starts at the Gallery of the Academy where your guide will talk about Michelangelo’s life through the view of many masterpieces by the artist.

You will see the "unfinished" works, the Prisoners, made for the tomb of Pope Julius II.

The Pietà di Palestrina, so moving, is also present in the Gallery, but our visit will focus on the masterpiece and consummate symbol of the Florentine Renaissance: the David, masterpiece and symbol of the Florentine Renaissance, completed in 1504 when Michelangelo was only 29 years old (No standing in line, we make the reservations for you).

We will then continue to the Uffizi Gallery which houses the most important collection of Renaissance paintings in the world.

The Uffizi Palace was built under the rule of Grand Duke Cosimo I in 1560 as the administrative centre of the state housing the most important "Magistrature" of the city.

The project was due to Giorgio Vasari, favourite painter and architect of the grand duke. The palace is his masterpiece of architecture, an aerial building in a "u" shaped plan, made of "pietra serena" (a type of sand stone), lovely contrasting with the white plaster.

In 1565, when the building was almost finished and Cosimo had moved the residence of his family to Pitti Palace, Vasari was asked to realize a private, aerial passageway, connecting the Uffizi to Pitti Palace, what we call today the Vasarian Corridor.

The corridor was a useful and secure way to move without guards from the Government Palace to their new residence (an astonishing view of the Corridor will be available from the windows of the Gallery).

In our Uffizi guided tour we focus on the most important masters of the Renaissance: Giotto considered the painter who opened the road to Renaissance; Filippo Lippi a friar-painter very appreciated by Cosimo the Elder; you will experience Botticelli’s harmony and symbolism in the two most famous paintings: "the Birth of Venus" and "Spring".

Your guide will show you the masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci and the only sure painting by Michelangelo, the breathtaking "Tondo Doni".

Our visit will also include some of the most famous works by Raphael and by the Venetian painter Titian.

The aim of our Uffizi guided tour is not to rush through the Gallery, but instead to admire selected works in depth and use the Gallery as a visual guide to the history and evolution of Florentine art.

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