The Michelangelo Tour


  • Bargello
  • Santa Croce
  • Academy

We start our experience about Michelangelo by visiting the Bargello, used from the 15th century as a prison and today the National Museum of Sculpture.

The museum houses the most significant collection of Renaissance and Mannerist sculptures: we look at masterpieces like the Bronze David by Donatello, commissioned by the Medici and recently restored. We also see other works of art by the same artist and you will fully enjoy the brightly coloured works of glazed terracotta by Luca and Andrea della Robbia.

Our visit will focus on important sculptures by Michelangelo such as Bacchus, David-Apollon and the very famous Tondo Pitti, a fine example of "non-finito".

Our guided tour will take you through medieval streets, to the nearby church of Santa Croce, Franciscan church, burial place of Michelangelo and many other distinguished Italians of the past.

The tomb of the artist, planned by the Medici family's architect, Giorgio Vasari, reminds us of how in his life, the three major arts, (sculpture, architecture and painting), always intertwined.

The Michelangelo tour culminates at the Gallery of the Academy, the richest museum concerning our artist: we will see his "unfinished" works, the Prisoners, made for the tomb of Pope Julius II and your guide will discuss with you Michelangelo's later career in Rome.

You will be moved by the feeling that the Palestrina Pietà arouses on you.

Finally, the worldly known David, icon of the Florentine Renaissance. You will be able to explore the statue in its full beauty as your guide will narrate the history, the events that brought to the birth of this absolute artwork.