Pistoia: the hidden jewel of Tuscany

Pistoia: the hidden jewel of Tuscany
Pistoia: the hidden jewel of Tuscany
Pistoia: the hidden jewel of Tuscany
Pistoia: the hidden jewel of Tuscany
Pistoia: the hidden jewel of Tuscany
Pistoia: the hidden jewel of Tuscany


This amazing little city will surprise the visitor with its charm, history and art.

The guided walking tour will explore the city centre through the amazing narrow paved streets, medieval palaces, churches and squares.

You will start with the visit of the Church of S. Andrea with the marvellous Romanesque pulpit by Giovanni Pisano, you will proceed to see the beautiful decorations by Della Robbia on the façade of the historical Hospital of “Ceppo” and then you will walk to the wonderful Piazza del Duomo, civic, political and religious centre of the city.

You will visit the famous silver altar of “San Jacopo” inside the Cathedral, an exemplar of the silversmith’s craft begun in 1287 but not finished until the 15th Century.

Then we will proceed to the Baptistery and the Church of ”San Giovanni Fuoricivitas” to finish in the “Piazza della Sala”, the old fruit and vegetable market, still today lively meeting place of local people where you can have lunch in the typical restaurant.

But today Pistoia is also notable for the extensive Garden nurseries spreading around it.

Consequently, the city is also famous for its flower markets and its famous sugar-almond dragee called “Confetti di Pistoia”.

They have typical spherical irregular shape, that's why they are called "hedgehog confetti".

This kind of lumpy confetto is larger than the normal one because the "soul", covered by sugar, can be made up of several ingredients: almonds, balls of cocoa, hazelnuts, peanuts, candied orange, coriander, chocolate.


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Pistoia: the hidden jewel of Tuscany

  • Highlights:
  • Church of S. Andrea
  • Piazza del Duomo
  • Baptistery
  • Church of San Giovanni Fuoricivitas
  • Piazza della Sala

  • Tour duration:
  • 5 hrs

  • Price:
  • Guided tour (2 hrs): € 150 up to 6 persons
    Round-trip with private car/van from € 250

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