Florence Overview


  • Piazza Signoria
  • Ponte Vecchio (view)
  • Uffizi (exterior)
  • Duomo (exterior)
  • Baptistry doors
  • Santa Croce Church (exterior)
  • Medieval streets

Our walking tour gives you the opportunity to explore the city without visiting the museums. Our walk, ends at the Academy of Fine Arts (the museum of the David) where , if you wish to visit the museum, we will make reservations on your behalf!

We will walk through the beauty of the city starting off in Piazza della Signoria heart of the city, with its ancient buildings and famous statues.
We reach the river crossing the long courtyard of the Uffizi Gallery, in order to discover the best view point on Ponte Vecchio.

To discover the city's medieval streets and towers, we go on with our walk to admire the Cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore, better known as the Duomo.

The guided tour then continues with the Baptistry, one of the city's most ancient religious buildings to admire "the Gates of Paradise"!
At the end of our walk we will accompany you to the entrance of the Academy.