Florence Museum Card

Florence Museum Card

New card makes museum entry a breeze

New card makes museum entry a breeze.

Beginning on February 14, 2011, life for tourists in Florence just got easier.

The long-awaited Florence Museum Card is now available to the public, allowing users single-entry into all civic and state-owned museums for a maximum of 72 hours (three days).

Although officials warn that general admission fees might increase due to the introduction of the card, any price hikes have yet to be seen.

The cost of the card is 50 euro. One very heralded side effect of the card will be the 20 percent (maximum 20 million euro) of revenues set aside for city maintenance.

The plan is to crack down on both illegal vendors and graffitti that mars the museum and downtown areas. Another part of the revenue will be used to assist in financing the second phase of work on the Grandi Uffizi.

There are also more local positive side effects of the card's introduction, but this certainly should create an incentive for more museum visits, both for tourists and Florentines alike.